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Line Requirements

All new customers are required to adhere to the following guidelines when installing their service line to their home or business:

  1. Pipe must be copper tubing or plastic tubing with a minimum pressure of 200 PSI and containing a NSF stamp of approval.
  2. Pipe must be a minimum of ¾ inch in diameter for distances less than 100 feet. A minimum of 1 inch in diameter for distances over 100 feet but less than 500 feet, and 2 inches in diameter for distances over 500 feet.
  3. All fittings and connections must be copper or brass.
  4. Must be buried a minimum of 30 inches.
  5. Must have a shut off valve installed immediately inside the foundation wall or other readily accessible location.
  6. Cross connections are prohibited. Cannot be connected to any other source of supply such as a well or cistern.
  7. Cannot be connected or extended to any other premises other than that to be served.
  8. No grounding for electrical, telephone, or cable service can be attached to the water pipe.
  9. Must be installed in a trench with a 2 feet parallel separation from other pipes or wires such as gas, sewer, telephone, electric, cable, etc.
  10. Installation may be inspected by the utility prior to backfilling the trench.

Installation of service by the Raleigh County PSD varies in a time frame dependent on the types of permits by law to set a new service.

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